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The application of laser range finder in Taiwan forestry
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Field data is collected is the issue that a long-term worry measures administrator of database of personnel, cartographer, GIS, engineer and researcher. The question is very simple: How to collect fixed position and physical feature data well and truly namely, use at check of n/arc drafting, make a catalogue, resource to mix stock a database.

The circumstance is given to fall in some, the result that finds out this one problem is trouble making a person. Because (1) the likelihood has a lot of methods and technology to be able to be used; (2) fall in great majority circumstance, do not have a kind of method to be able to provide complete and satisfactory result alone.

Data is collected use at forestry resource check, cultivate the tall, height that can make commerciality use material namely, vegetation scale, feral and special tree is planted, good tree is planted fixed position, determine the grade of the tree inside area and economic value, or pruning is like when undertaking helping advance somebody's career administrative study, the tree position that decides the place that produces specific height, scale logging profile, affirmatory resource is attrib border; In harvest lumber the consideration ties lot when lumber method, the landform that is used at binding caboodle lumber passageway determines, scale, and use as the investigation before the road of general purpose and rugged canal construction is very important. Make in order to goes to photography of spendable convention investigation, aviation and GPS fixed position encounter all sorts of problems possibly (for example: Cost, accuracy, fraise) .

The application of laser technology, especially company of American laser technology (LTI) the laser range finder of development serves as field to measure prototype by bureau of forestry of American Ministry of Agriculture from 1990 hand-in-hand travel evaluates his since future develops application, perfect with each passing day, can collect with data implement, GPS join, and can deploy all sorts of rich software, make forestry is measured hold belt of compass, rope, clinometer and old-style binoculars to drive single person operation, complete station by the hand, comprehensive and integrated multipurpose instrument times.

The measurement that LTI designs the system suits basic vegetation resource and lumber sale go on a tour of inspection and program to determine, logging distributinging graph and road investigation measure the need that wait. To in June 1993, american forestry bureau already bought these instruments to exceed 150. In outdoors of bureau of forestry of American Ministry of Agriculture the program is used in, this laser range finder not only the function is mixed completely, accurately durable, and economic cost, the place that does not understand to the target especially. From Idaho northern bush land goes to Alaska the old rain forest southeast proved this.

The China of with a vast territory, having rich forestry resource. As the mass production that reforming and opening brings, the fadein of significant position day in national economy writes forestry, business uses lumber demand increase sharply. How to plan the development of forestry, to forestry resource more the measurement of high accuracy, the more accurate forestry resource check that attachs most importance to a dot with lumber sale and make a catalogue, become the topic for discussion with forestry serious branch. We measure laser technical introduction comes in, will conduce to the forestry that urges our country measuring technical stride new era.
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