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The principle of laser range finder and application
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1, is the working principle of laser range finder what kind of?

Laser range finder uses two kinds of means to measure an interval commonly: Pulse law and phasic law. The process of pulse law range finding is such: Range finder launchs the laser classics that go out to be measured be received by range finder again after the reflex of the object, range finder records the time that laser goes back and forth between at the same time. The half of velocity of light and the product of time going there and back, it is range finder and the distance between object be metricaled. The precision that pulse law measures an interval is general it is to be in / - 1 meter or so. Additional, the measurement of this kind of range finder blind area is commonly 15 meters or so.

2, is the applied domain of laser range finder basically those respects?

Laser range finder has been applied extensively at the following domain: Electric power, irrigation works, communication, environment, building, geological, alarm Wu, fire control, blow up, nautical, railroad, fear instead / military affairs, agriculture, forestry, estate, recreational / outdoors motion.

3, why does laser range finder still have " of alleged " safety and " the distinction of insecure " ?

Just as its name implies, laser range finder has the job with laser as main job material. Current, the working material of the hand-held laser range finder on the market basically has the following kinds: Working wavelengh is the semiconductor laser of 905 accept rice and 1540 accept rice, working wavelengh is the YAG laser of 1064 accept rice. The wavelengh of 1064 accept rice is killed to human body skin and eye, especially if the eye is not wary bring into contact with the laser of wavelengh of 1064 accept rice, to the harm of the eye the likelihood will be permanent. So, be in abroad, in holding laser range finder, banned the laser of 1064 accept rice completely. In home, certain manufacturer still has the laser range finder that produces 1064 accept rice.

To the laser range finder of 905 accept rice and 1540 accept rice, we are " safe " with respect to what say. To the laser range finder of 1064 accept rice, because it has potential harm sex to human body, so we are " insecure " with respect to what say.

Application of laser range finder is handling a case in the policeman

From the bureau that make a valve understanding arrives, since today, the laser range finder that can raise efficiency of perambulate of traffic trouble spot and accuracy effectively is handling a case in the policeman wide application, this mark is worn handle a case the ” of “ laggard status that the policeman will leave to use tape measure for a long time to measure traffic trouble spot from now on.

As we have learned, handle a case the policeman can hold “ Lai to block range finder of PLUS ” laser to aim at a target to be pressed gently, data of traffic trouble spot can be done calm. This laser range finder assists device as system of mapping of traffic trouble spot, survey the scene data and pertinent information to pass blue tooth automatically wireless communication means inputs portable computer, use operation of data of computer high speed and graphical processing function, quick mapping gives figure of standard, exact scale of traffic trouble spot to reach generate spot perambulate automatically to note, rose to measure speed and accuracy greatly. This laser range finder has volume small, weight is light, carry convenient wait for a characteristic, range finding limits is 0. 2 meters reach 200 meters, measure precision to be losing 1. 5 millimeter.
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