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Laser detects the automobile body with high quality implementation solders
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The vision detects the station measures speed fast, precision is tall, the treatment process that can realize pair of automobile body assembly, cent assembly undertakes monitoring of online real time, reflect product line condition effectively thereby, through adjusting manufacturing facilities in time, reduce the occurrence of reject, improve product quality finally.
Soldering is one of important working procedure in car production process, have very high technical index demand, because this must is opposite,solder quality undertakes detecting well. Detect traditionally means is to use 3 coordinate to measure normally machine, but this kind of means manipulates complex, rate slow, cycle is long, can have sampling observation to workpiece only. The vision detects detect new-styly as a kind method, have contact of a large number of Cheng, blame, intuitionistic, fast, precision advanced advantage, what OK at car automobile body applying is consequently online detect, the error information of seasonable feedback product, raised the percent of pass of the product not only, also improve for craft at the same time, the size control method that reduced an error to offer closed circuit to feedback, accord with contemporary production quality project demand. Block diagram of testing system of general visual sense, among them the visual sensor that the vision measures a head to be all sorts of types namely.

Laser vision testing system

The crucial dimension of automobile body basically is installation of windscreen glazing dimension, door the positional relation of position of opening of position of side is in arris, fixed position and each minutes of assembly, accordingly visual sensor basically distributings at these positions around, the dimensional position size that measures its corresponding arris margin, aperture, surface, survey a system for stationary commonly. On product line the design surveys worker worker, the automobile body park after will locating inside one frame, the metallic column that frame distributings by vertical, horizontal stroke, lever is formed, can install visual sensor neatly according to needing to be on frame. The amount of sensor is decided normally by the amount of the dot that be measured, the form that at the same time the basis is measured to nod is different, sensor is divided again normally wait for a variety of types for sensor of binocular and stereo vision, outline sensor.

1, working principle

In applying actually, it is many visions sensor comprises a vision to detect normally station, every sensor is calculated above all go out to be measured to nod the coordinate in current sensor coordinate department, gather together department of coordinate of all vision sensor to fall in systematic coordinate department next, finish thereby measure. Systematic job basically is built in camera model and stereo vision sensor three-dimensional on the base that measures a model.

To get automobile body locates be measuringed to nod is in coordinate fastens medium coordinate, need is intermediary with standard coordinate department, tie the place that be measured in sensor coordinate medium coordinate changeover arrives to be measured to nod locate in automobile body coordinate is medium, this needs to locate sensor coordinate department, automobile body coordinate department and standard coordinate system come along, call intermediary coordinate to consolidate a law.
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