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Detect with laser the leak of SF6 gas
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Laser is used at detecting aeriform insulation high pressure is electric the leak of the SF6 gas of equipment. Its job principle is, SF6 gas can absorb the infrared ray of certain wavelengh, detect when its when absorbing a phenomenon to this kind, show its go up in screen. SF6 gas is sightless commonly, but a black smoke state can present below darker background. If need to withhold perpetual notes, still can store on the video tape picture.

The test that at present already company of power of a lot of flower beauty participates in this kind of camera and set an example, eskom of company of power of south Africa state also entered this job. Test result proves this device not only but online detect the leak circumstance of SF6, and speed is splitting. After camera of this kind of laser is adjusted via module, except can detect outside SF6 leak, still can detect 70 ~ 80 kinds of gas.