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The expert unscrambles laser beam welding to receive ongoing pace of the technol
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The expert unscrambles laser beam welding to receive ongoing pace of the technology
On September 27, 2006 8:52 origin: A Libaba Laser beam welding receives a technology appeared to mass of vehicle to bring more to assure effectively, those who become a lot of car manufacturer is new bestow favor on. But its had invested big, exorbitant to be being asked by weldment wait for a series of problems, also make a few users flinch to its!

In car workmanship, soldering is the car rigs on automation line one indispensable process. In recent years, appear as what laser beam welding receives a technology and develop quickly, a lot of cars make an enterprise already all began to use laser beam welding to receive a technology. However, the applied current situation that laser beam welding receives a technology and development trend after all how? In the times that welding line is everywhere on this automobile body, it is moment sits to undertake think and discussioned to its.

This period invited limited company of Shanghai masses car welder of limited company of general motors of 3 factories Mr Zhao Aimin, Shanghai Cheng group director Mr Sun Zhicheng and one steam - engineer of program of masses car limited company Mr Gu Lei, the problem such as current situation of the characteristic that will discuss laser beam welding to receive a technology jointly, advantage, application and development trend, share laser beam welding to receive a technology to be opposite together with the colleagues inside course of study the meaning of automobile manufacturing industry...


Mr Zhao Aimin: Automobile body solders to commonly resistance welding, CO2 solders to wait for a technology with drill rod solder. On the world, receive laser beam welding technical application to solder at automobile body begin at 20 centuries 80 time, be in China, shanghai masses solders at taking the lead in applying its at automobile body 1999. Solder with other methodological photograph is compared, laser beam welding receives have a lot of distinct advantages:

The rate that 1. laser beam welding receives is very rapid, can achieve 20m/min the most quickly; 2. Because energy concentration, rate is rapid and dispute contact solders, because this solders,be out of shape very small; 3. Because laser solders,can make the join between armor plate is in the mutual join between crystal structure, the fatigue resistance that can increase automobile body not only so, impact resistance and corrosion resistance can, and also make the sealing of automobile body has huge to rise. If solder the laser of TOURAN automobile body,change resistance welding, when its speed travel with 120km/h, noise will increase about 30% : 4. Because laser beam welding receives dispute contact to solder, be apart from above of armor plate 10cm commonly, accordingly, when the model changes, need to change clamping apparatus and robot only new process designing is OK, suit very much flexible turn production.
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