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Expert: Colour You hold border of Jing of corridor of す pay?
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Expert: Colour You hold border of Jing of corridor of  す pay
2007/2/2/9:12 origin: Newspaper of Chinese medicine forum
On annual meeting of doctor of dermatological department of the 2nd China, professor Michael H Gold of college of medicine of American Vanderbilt university was done " New Lasers And Light Sources For The Dermatologist " congress makes a speech, introduced new progress of equipment of laser of dermatological department bound. He is mentioned, strong pulse is smooth (IPL) equipment is more mature, the improvement of cooling equipment and pulse technology makes treatment more safe and effective the 1064 NmNd:Y that the effect;IPL technology that;IPL already was used at smooth kinetic cure to wait for cure in order to raise tender skin, acne, semiconductor depilates disease of laser and remedial blood-vessel sexAG laser already was gone to by conformity on same technology platform.

The professor in Chen Yan of Hong Kong university did a problem to be " the newest progress of laser medicine hairdressing " congress makes a speech. He is mentioned, right Asian for, QS laser has taller it is ad cool-headed and dangerous to send pigment. Professor Chen introduced a series of relevant clinical research, laser of dye of if QS alexandrite is lapidary laser of laser, ruby of IPL, QS, long pulse is in Asian crowd undertake a few contrast research, big facula grows pulse 532 NmNd:YAG laser treats the research of fleck, the shorter wavelengh IPL that cooperates contact refrigeration treats the research of fleck appearance mole to wait.

The field is treated in the laser of Huang Heban and mole of cyan of cheekbone ministry brown and IPL, professor Chen is mentioned, QS laser can treat mole of cyan of cheekbone ministry brown effectively, but restore time the long pulse IPL that too long; cooperates contact to cool but revulsive wither of black element cell dies, but the QS1064 NmNd:Y that curative effect still waits for evaluation; big facula, ideal energyAG laser also is used at treating Huang Heban.

Skin equipment respect is tightened in blame grinding sex, professor Chen introduced high strenth is reached to center the ultrasonic device that tighten skin outside radio frequency, Yuan Gong, evaluated relevant histology and micromechanism research. In addition, he still introduced purify hypodermic and redundant adipose blame invades sexual method, emphasize evaluated high strenth to center the ultrasonic device application inside this domain.
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