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Expert of Chinese military affairs: Laser weapon enters cockpit no longer Yao ca
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Expert of Chinese military affairs: Laser weapon enters cockpit no longer Yao cannot be reached
2007/1/29/9:15 origin: People net martial channel
Dr. Lidaguang was accepting expert of military affairs of national defence university recently when interviewing, say, laser weapon enters cockpit already no longer Yao cannot be reached, can be used at actual combat without doubt.

The United States' famous ammunition produces business the company announced Nuosiluopu Geluman on January 16, this company already was in those who be located in a California the solid laser that Leidongduobiji begins to produce 100 kilowatt level inside the new plant of the area, this is manufacturer of the first foregone high-energy laser weapon. The report says, predict weapon of this kind of laser will have a test 2008, it has very strong maneuverability, can install go up in floating platform, mix in missile of such as of the down inside campaign limits the target in the sky of and so on of opportunity for combat.

It is reported, american army showed very large interest to this kind of weapon, they hope to install its the rocket that goes up to be raided in order to destroy in army chariot and missile to wait. American navy also is interested in this.

The development that air force just faces laser weapon also is being strengthened ceaselessly. The report says, 2005, nuosiluopu Geluman the laser that the company ever showed 25 kilowatt level to air force, entered the combines item of high-energy solid laser the 3rd phase of air force dominant thereby. The target of air force is the laser weapon that tests 100 kilowatt level before 2009. The report still says, besides Nuosiluopu Geluman outside the company, national laboratory also participated in Thor company and Lawrence Lifumoer to compete.

Li Daguang says, the purpose of weapon of laser of development of power of world military affairs is not to replace conventional weapon, because undeserved the martial end that goes can finishing conventional weapon with more advanced laser weapon. Current, because accept the restriction of a lot of condition such as energy, laser weapon of the United States returns short of " show where hits " the effect, but can put into production, explain the technology that produces this kinds of weapon is already opposite and mature. In addition, very crucial is, the fare that laser weapon uses every time is very low, control in thousands of dollar normally, it is very cheap that the missile photograph that amounts to millions of dollars with every cost is compared.
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