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The academic founder with optical accepted bound, trailblazer, Wang Dahang
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The academic founder with optical accepted bound, trailblazer, Wang Dahang
On January 10, 2007 9:15 origin: Tsinghua news Wang Dahang, optical expert. The academic founder with our country optical accepted bound, trailblazer and constituent leader. Will consider to reach telescope to make to develop our country optics for years made outstanding contribution.

Made significant contribution for enterprise of project of optics of our country national defence especially, ever won award of special grade of progress of national science and technology for this. Made important contribution in the respect such as standard of laser technology, remote sensing technology, metric science, chroma, it is our country " 863 " the main advocate that hi-tech plans, for national science and technology decision-making exerted positive effect and influence, fostered backbones of a large number of optical science and technology for the country. Ceng Rong obtains He Liang He Li first large award.

County of Su Wu of Wang Dahang Zu Jiejiang, was born in Feburary 1915. Father Wang Yingwei is an atmosphere astronomer, one's early years studies abroad Japan, laborious goes back to the motherland after revolution of the last of the twelve Earthly Branches, work in Beijing observatory and Qingdao observatory early or late, died 1964. When Wang Dahang reads a middle school with Qingdao in Beijing, often go observatory follows atmosphere of therewith father observation and astronomy, to using science the instrument generates very large interest. His father plaints home still cannot make accurate instrument at that time, ceng Yan makes anemometer succeed. Boyhood, these scientific edification, go to abroad considering to use optics and optical glass later to Wang Dahang, the optical career that China devotes oneself to after going back to the motherland and instrument make a career not without the influence.

Wang Dahang was graduated from Tsinghua university physics to fasten 1936, pass an entrance examination stayed 1938 flower bursar, go to technical institute of British London empire to assiduously study applied optics, turned into university of snow humble Er 1941, a W learns in world-renowned glass. E. S. Special accept (r of e of n of T u r ) the research that next the professor is directive undertaking concerned optical glass. Sufferred 1942 hire Yu Baiming to writing brush prosperous manages (e of c of n of C h a ) vitreous company, specialize in optical glass research, till went back to the motherland 1948.
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