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Xu Zuyan: All indication screen can realize future laser is umbriferous
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Xu Zuyan: All indication screen can realize future laser is umbriferous
2007/3/7/9:6Origin: Tecent science and technology
Laser shows the color that come out is very bright-coloured, its sort a lot of, OK and to one's heart's content choose. For the development phase from indication technology, generation is monochrome television, black and white film, solved the indication problem of image; The 2nd generation is color shows; The 3rd part is cinema of digital TV, number, solve chromatic image to be mixed in the definition that transmit and stores save an issue. But these did not solve colour gamut to cover rate issue, enclothe lead or 33% , only laser just enclothes this likely rate rise, at present the Chinese Academy of Sciences was accomplished 78% , it is the world is the greatest.

Because show the effect is first-rate, its industrialization also had very big hope. Each world nations are making the experiment of this respect and attempt, so far, just also made prototype.

How to raise laser to show sexual price of the technology is compared, does the value that lets it make general average per capita can be accepted? This is the crucial issue that considers now. Cong Dabing act, exceed big screen cinema of excellent front courtyard, TV, even plane of the screen of the computer, sport, or mobile phone screen is OK make it is umbriferous of type. This is indication technology of future.

World first deep ultraviolet laser technology

Deep ultraviolet it is to point to short at 200 centimeters of wavelengh, it is simpler good used light source. The Chinese Academy of Sciences discovered a new crystal, it arises effectively deep ultraviolet laser, the use technology of this crystal already applied for to invent patent. Use this technology to make sixfold screen, next this laser does illuminant to replace the light source that synchronous radiate takes out, result energy resolution raised a bright level, and its photon sheds intensity increased 3 two, it not only can arise in apparently photoelectron, still can produce spectrum, the resolution of structures of such electron of a lot of material can rise. This is the very major breakthrough of respect of an application illuminant.
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