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Liu Wenqing: Monitor in optics and environment between find ego
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Liu Wenqing: Monitor in optics and environment between find ego
2007/2/8/10:9Origin: The Chinese Academy of Sciences
"The environment that place of field of technology of 863 resources environment faces is the environment on a broad sense, it is environmental protection not only, still include zoology, water, gas, earth to wait a moment. But because just was entered 863 before long, because of this ' 15 ' during the task that developed the field such as the air that a few people pay close attention to most, water first. " Liu Wenqing calls this: "Submit to humiliation, water think of danger. "

He says, a few developed countries had experienced industry to pollute level badly, compare our country lead to the application of the fast telemetering, technology that monitor consequently a lot of. If motor vehicle tail gas monitors equipment, past home is done not have, can rely on only import from the United States, not only the price is high, and can not get used to domestic environment completely. "Our motor vehicle tail gas monitors a system to be done later, function and foreign product comparative, at the same time more get used to domestic environment, very fast occupational one share market, the price that forces foreign product falls considerably. " he says, "The tenet of 863 develops hi-tech namely, realize industrialization, a few this years we aim at this tenet, the environment that develops oneself hard monitors equipment. "

Liu Wenqing is when abroad, the laser that basically studies the environment monitors lidar and cancer, arterial hemal sclerosis diagnoses cure, he tells a reporter, what actually oneself take is M.d. . After returning place of Anhui smooth machine, he discovers a lot of foreign institutes are using optical method to study environmental issue very quickly. "A lot of material change in air are very sharp, although the traditional chemical method that monitor is accurate, but cannot have real time online monitor, cannot master its thereby kinetic process. Accordingly we decide to be direction with this, in domestic open up technology of a photoelectron and environment monitor the way that ties. "
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