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Xie Pei is big: Does discharge Pi send ㄐ Nuo of Lie of eye an ancient small-
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Xie Pei is big: Discharge  Pi sends ㄐ Nuo  of Lie of eye  an ancient small-mouthed wine vessel
On January 22, 2007 9:51 origin: Biography brief of Chinese technology expert Xie Pei is big, electronics home, educationist. Academician of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. One of trailblazer of Chinese microwave communication and fiber-optic communication. It is the radiobroadcast career that resumes new China, education that begins microwave communication and fiber-optic communication major and research work early or late, chair " 863 " the project approving of task of research of hi-tech of the communication in the plan proves the aspect such as the job, made important contribution.

Xie Pei is big, name day one. Was born in the sweet old and well-known family of a book that the county collects south Shanghai on October 18, 1915. Scholar of the Qing Dynasty before its father Xie Shimao is, have successively held the posts of private school, elementary school and teacher of language of middle school country, be good at traditional Chinese painting, in Changjiang Delta somewhat fame. The Xie Pei of teenager period is big, sibling 5 people, family circumstances poor, the family can offer him only one person goes to school. He is known as a child cherish time, learn assiduously, result of study of elementary school period is exceedingly good all the time. After the leaf earthed up final examination to enter Shanghai civilian to establish a middle school 1927, ever sufferred for a time progress is affected literarily and love literature, holiday after school ploughs frequently at the pen, often do exercises in composition sees at signing up for end. Go up when high school, arrowy annals learns skill. After high school graduated 1933, enter Shanghai to privately run department of physics of Great Harmony university is read. Took an examination of department of electric machinery of engineering college of national the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning second year, take an exam 3 years continuously achievement the first. After emergency of reed channel bridge before long, engineering college of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning change originallies to Shaanxi city, with north smooth university, north made the same score a Normal University to establish northwest to combine an university jointly in Xi'an. In August 1938, xie Pei is big with this major the first outstanding achievement is graduated from northwest to combine university engineering college, stay school Cheng of mechanic holding the post of report is assistant. September 1940, xie Pei introduces the member that broadcasting station of broadcast of international of broadcast broadcasting station holds the position of labour Wu in the center of Chongqing countryman government to work via the school greatly. Of the same age and knot of Yuan Ms. Bao Xin are a married couple, ms. Yuan is graduated from homemaking of institute of northwest normal school to fasten, study an in the right way, it is Xie Pei is in what succeed on the career later greatly virtuous wife. Litres Xie Pei is big 1944 are assistant engineer, hold electric machinery of golden hill university part-time to fasten experiment of alternating current machine to work at the same time. Xie Pei attended the United States to lease act official cost goes abroad greatly 1945 exam, with telegraphic respect the first outstanding achievement is admitted, and at of the same age new York is arrived at at the beginning of September. Hind the introduction via Qian Fengzhang, jackaroo in studio of American country Broadcasting Corporation and launcher, colombian Broadcasting Corporation and exercitation of company of American telephoned telegram arrive in succession again after, read in Colombian university at the same time. 1946 spring end, be cheated to Canada by the clique Quwoer is northward and electric company exercitation catapult, of the same age returned American san Francisco to make visiting field trip in September. November 1946, xie Pei returns Nanjing countryman government after homecoming greatly central broadcast broadcasting station assumes office. The end of the year is rising for the engineer, be sent to go to Nanjing computer room of Jiang Dong door works, hold the associate professor that electric machinery of golden hill university fastens part-time at the same time. At the beginning of 1948, computer room of Jiang Dong door tears open carry to go to Guangzhou, xie Pei reachs the ear of grain along with the boat greatly. June 1949, the controller of the stage wants to go to accident of 100 kilowatt medium wave in the center of Nanjing countryman government Taiwan. To withhold a machine, the leaf earths up big, Qian Fengzhang to wait for consultative countermeasure for many times, the proposal sends Guangxi to save the machine. Because authorities does not grant to adopt, a crucial part that they are obliged to get on radio frequency bridge is buckled below. By June, xie Pei is big wait with Qian Fengzhang resolutely leave Guangzhou, returned university of Tianjin the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning to teach in September at of the same age. Xie Pei is big 1951 by the introduction such as Zhang Guofan of director of bureau of Tianjin city education joins Chinese democracy at that time affined. 1952, university of Tianjin of instead of university of the Qing Dynasty name for the coastal provinces of Liaoning, telecommunication of university of Xie Pei is big Tianjin fastens a professor to hold department head concurrently. Be chosen to be officer labour union at the same time division people leaves to represent south chairman and Tianjin city. Xie Pei followed department of Tianjin university telecommunication to turn into institute of Beijing post and telecommunications greatly 1955, had held the position of assistant of head of professor, department, dean, assistant dean, dean in succession, held the position of reputation dean 1985. Xie Pei is greatly the 4th, 5, 6, committee member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of 7 whole nations, the 5th, 6, in the center of 7 civilian alliance members of standing committee, group of appraise sth through discussion of course of committee of degree of the State Council the first convener, the 2nd, the member that 3 appraise sth through discussion are comprised, the member that appraise sth through discussion of course of national science foundation is comprised holds optical group group leader concurrently, science and technology of Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications appoint members of standing committee and committee member of vice director of degree assess council. On June 11, 1985, of seventy years of age year Xie Pei joined a Chinese Communist gloriously greatly, realized his old long-cherished wish.
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