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2008 Beijing acoustics exhibits the laser inside lamplight house to do beautiful
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In lamplight house, lamps and lanterns of effect of of all kinds all shows his can, a lot of enterprises in order to exceed large area, all-around exhibit a stage openly to attract an audience, exhibit it may be said is spectacular inside the stage. Nevertheless, also have a lot of companies exhibit be lapped closely not bright, go in to just know to see a new world. The business that produces laser product greatly each was rolled out use the laser show that feels dye-in-the-wood.

Directional glow, brightness tall, color is pure the characteristic that is laser, in large and literary show in recent years laser light applies a lot of. Current exhibit meeting annulus starlight of laser of head of Yu Jiguang, elegant river, a list of names posted up, combination, Shenzhen is elegant its handsome wait for an enterprise, revealed new the laser lamps and lanterns that roll out, dynamic effect is rich, cooperate what music undertakes to demonstrated to reflect the character of laser adequately, appear pure especially in black space, the colour of chunk face changes, have visual wallop very much. Although laser light is in literary show,photograph comparing wants utilization rate and other result lamps and lanterns a lot of less, but its action is very individual. Laser light product develops in last few years very rapid, when literary show just began to use laser light, the commonnest is odd green laser, nowadays, we are in exhibit on the meeting not only can see full prize laser, still can see fruit of equivalent of the smoke that laser produces, ocean wave, the laser light product that animation effect embeds inside is very common already also.

A few professional audiences express, besides afore-mentioned characteristics, from current exhibit the laser light that sees on the meeting to there still is a characteristic in technical parameter respect, be high-power product appear. Before a few years, the laser power of laser light is the is high-power product of 5W, nowadays, the enterprise rolls out the laser light of 10W in succession, still have 15W even, these new products give professional audience to leave deep impression in each respect such as colour, brightness, effect.