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Manufacturer of equipment of communication of fiber-optic cable light is worth t
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On May 23, announce telecommunication formally to recombine plan in 3 ministries and commissions before today, company of Chinese telegraphic Zhejiang announces to will throw 1 billion yuan of RMBs, build 500 within this year " fiber-optic into door " village and more than 4000 wireless broadbands receive a point, predict to will realize area of complete province heat to enclothe before 2010. This " fiber-optic into door " will make village resident experiences 10M the network bandwidth to 100M, online speed will be current 100 times above, aux will be able to realizes true high-definition TV and fixed video phone wait for a function quite.

Investment proposal

Incident happening recombines a such the moment of truth in telecommunication, net of Chinese telecommunication, China connected recombine to all increase the devoted fact to FTTH since this year, we think this incident shows businessman of firm network operation further, no matter be to recombine the Chinese telecommunication before and Chinese net to connect, still be the new telecommunication of business of whole business operation after recombining and new UniCom, had regarded adamantine strategy as to develop way network of broadband of development high speed and service.

Last in solid word user before the fact that nine month sorts estrangement China to move to had had amount of nearly 500 million absolutely user to mobile operation business, business of firm network operation has begun to learn from others's strong points to offset one's weakness, the ground with new open up, be based on the business of network of high speed broadband namely, hold future the trend of 3 nets confluence, grab occupational before China is mobile commanding elevation, with period recapture active advantageous position at an early date.

And the broadband network demand for service that current cupreous cable XDSL cannot satisfy taller bandwidth and speed, coequal length is 10 times more low-cost but technical index is higher fiber-optic make first selection. Fiber-optic to door (FTTH) swift and violent progress is achieved before afterwards two years in abroad later, be sure to will become the heat that domestic communication infrastructure invests two years henceforth, the manufacturer of equipment of communication of fiber-optic cable light of our country also faces the historical opportunity of integral sex accordingly.

Plus plan recombines to announce in telecommunication, 3G card issue as before puts the subject matter that after anticipating implementation and calamity, rebuilds, manufacturer of equipment of communication of fiber-optic cable light is worth to pay close attention to highly.

Balefire corresponds (600498.SH) passed Chinese telegraphic EPON two rounds continuously this year in January (the mainstream technology that EPON is FTTH) type selecting checks, the test will regard Chinese telecommunication as the technical grading that collect collected 2008 as a result main basis; This year April is the Jiangsu that is in company of Chinese telegraphic Jiangsu more the large sheet that 100 thousand line acquires in saving EPON project. Had become Chinese telegraphic EPON in view of the company advocate supplier, we think the company is in this China the most favorable position is held in telegraphic invite public bidding. Continue to maintain " discretion is recommended " grade.
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