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Phoenix date launchs laser on spark
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Time of Beijing of dispatch of sina science and technology on June 3 message, according to report of website of bureau of American space navigation, day of the 3rd spark is landed in phoenix date, phoenix date opens lidar to shoot laser pulse. This lidar will be used measure planetary border layer, the deepness of the cloud in offerring planetary border layer, mist and grit, position, structure and optics are characteristic, the measurement that passes attrib border to the planet layer can understand the interaction between Martian surface and air, especially the commutative process of volatile.

Above graph is in day of the 3rd spark, land by phoenix date spark implement go up " upper and stereo into like appearance " the photograph that during the lidar in this airship gives out beam of light, films. This camera uses green filter (532 bicron) film, filter lens includes lidar bundle wavelengh. The animation that picture of this 9 frame comprises, showed light to hairdo goes out and interrupt a process. Contrast of beam of light is inferior the effect that proves lidar dust covering layer is very good, because this radar is to rise continuously, is not will more smooth scattering arrives on camera.