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Art of forehand of myopic laser correct will greet small height
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Annual summer, it is the height of art of forehand of myopic laser correct. Students are taking the advantage of holiday to make art of forehand of myopic laser correct, a few white-collars also call to add Qu Guangjiao of 2 courtyards eye to treat a center to seek advice to the heavy cure with famous industry, make an appointment the operation during summer vacation.

Choose operation safety first

Heavy cure adds 2 courtyards eye to bend smooth correct to treat central plum director to say, these nearsighted patients are his bosom friend, seek high quality vision result with him. He says, correctional myopia is different from other operation, it is the knife is moved on relatively healthy cornea, once operation result is bad,that still is inferior to be not being done. So, when thinking the patient that becomes an operation is selecting a hospital for the most part, the metropolis is the technical actual strength the hospital, safe the element is put in the first.

Heavy cure adds 2 courtyards eye to bend Guang Jiaozhi center to have the advanced eagle on the world to inspect - equipment of aircraft of cruel eye laser, can have a variety of operation kind, good eyesight can be amounted to after patient operation, to be badly in need of joining the army, the student of check-up of enter a higher school offers very good treatment opportunity.

New technology is contented character needs

Director Li says, old before laser technique can have satisfied a patient to excise glasses to raise the requirement of eyesight, but should achieve look matter eyesight of clearer, more comfortable, night is better, must be treated through new technology. People cares art backsight force only previously, differred now, have good vision besides the requirement, eyesight of the night after still caring art has without the influence. Cite a case: Have car a group of things with common features increasing, nightly eyesight gets the attention of increasing person, and it is uncared-for before problem of quality of this kind of vision. Director Li says: "We emphasize updating nicer technical gift to satisfy the demand that the patient increases ceaselessly only all the time, now not only domestic patient comes treat here, patient of a few foreign countries, student studying abroad, do operation unsuccessful patient in abroad even also come before Muming. "

Laser surgery is not everybody to be able to be done

Director Li clew says, impersonal person suits new technology. Every time the patient seeks advice, heavy cure adds 2 courtyards eye to bend the experts of Guang Jiaozhi center to tell them, must make scrutiny one time, ability decides whether he suits new technology. On the whole 3 kinds of crowds cannot use new technology: One kind is the patient that myopic degree exceeds 1200 to spend; One kind is the patient with too thin cornea; Another kind is the patient that cannot pass an inspection. Say commonly, these are incommensurate person scale occupies 1/5 about.
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