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Laser beam machining of 08 Beijing international " Olympic " grand meeting repor
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Current laser material machines special subject branch to share paper of more than 90 12 parts, research, the newest research of technology of the laser beam machining inside limits of bound of content contain matchless and applied achievement, include laser cut and cutting (include metal, pottery and porcelain, glass to wait) , laser beam welding is received (alloy, plastic, fiber-optic laser beam welding is received and heterogeneous metal solders etc) , laser surface modified (make bid, be out of shape, bag Fu and laser frit Fu.

College professor Takeji Arai did a problem to be in the center of Japan " the challenge that application of laser cut technology confronts " report (congress specially invite) . Mr Takeji Arai ever held the post of Japanese nature field before 2001 (Amada) laser lab general manager, he goes out in report middle finger, the domain is machined in metallic Ban gold, although laser cut already was replaced stage by stage strong cut wait for conventional technology, become main process instrumentation stage by stage, but as industry the demand to treatment speed and precision rises ceaselessly, laser cut still is faced with super- flatness of surface of accurate cut, cut and thick board the challenge such as cut.

British Cambridge institute (The Welding Institute) the laser beam welding that Dr. Shi Gongji introduced steel of extra high strength receives the technical application in auto industry. Rise as a result of what ask to fuel efficiency and discharge capacity, although return the competition that has aluminium alloy and other composite material, but in 10 years in the past, auto industry more and more adoption the stuff of freeboard strong steel with intensity more expensive weight. No matter be to spell solder board, successive or still be white automobile body is intermittent solder, the laser beam welding of steel of extra high strength is received is automobile body reduces one of heavy important segment.

In addition, ministry of facilities of laser of institute of Beijing aviation production project, GSI group, Germany inferior treasure industry university
(RWTH Aachen Univ) , GE (China) a few experts of center of technical research and development solder from the laser of aviation titanium alloy, the laser beam machining of component of motor of the laser stiletto of gas turbine, aviation and rehabilitate and nickel base the laser only form that exceeds alloy makes the different point of view such as the technology, discussed the application of technology of laser beam machining in aviation industry.