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Online gas analyzer is in laser too the application of steel (graph)
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According to Chinese iron and steel news network reported on October 23, 2007: Of domestic steelworks gas reclaim system, more use system of online sampling analyzer to undertake reclaiming, but the sampling canal of online sampling analyzer is perishable corrode, jam; Answer time lag; Safeguard and demarcate workload is big; Dissolve and adsorption is brought about measure data to slant small; Can detect only " dot " aeriform chroma, detect information is not complete; Suffer setting gas, dust to disturb, measure data to slant small; Odd parameter is measured, can measure aeriform concentration only, cannot measure the reason such as temperature, velocity of flow at the same time, make influence converter gas reclaim rate. Too steel use NEOM(is Norwegian) laser (LaserGas) aeriform analyzer system undertakes gas reclaim, the use of laser analyzer is safeguarded go to the lavatory simply, reduced an effect gas reclaim systematic breakdown and maintain a volume, rose gas reclaim rate.

One, craft purpose

The basic technology in iron and steel industry is law of indirect melt smelt. Its produce a process to include: The manufacturing technology such as system of steely smelt, coke smelt, steel rolling, in production process lieutenant general produces the gas of many the sources of energy that can reclaim, the analysis detects the content of these gas, have very main effect.

The main purpose that the analysis has to making gas in process of production of iron and steel industry has the following:

1, optimize manufacturing technology: If blast furnace furnace enrages analytic system, converter / electric stove / system of analysis of finery heat vital energy;
2, energy spirit reclaims use: If converter is gas,reclaim analytic system, Jiao Lu is gas analytic system;
3, environmental protection is energy-saving: If the flue after hot-blast stove enrages analytic system, agglomeration / system of analysis of limekiln flue gas;
4, energy utilization rate: If adopt analyzer system, get PLC order interlocking control, it is worth while to make reclaims gas hot to safeguard;
5, safe control analysis: If coal of blast furnace gush analyses system, report to catch anxious safety to analyse system, report to remove dust,safety analyses a system, gas reclaim systematic safety safeguard.

2, laser (the working principle of LaserGas) analyzer

Laser gas shows an online analyzer to use sheet to absorb line spectrum technology, be based on what to be being measured inside close infra-red area aeriform sheet draws a line to choose. Undertake spectral analysis through drawing a line to place choosing above all, make what other gas does not have inside line wavelengh is absorb to draw a line in place choosing (absorb interference without across) . Next, through adjusting temperature of solid state laser is mixed drive electric current, adjust frequency of solid state laser correspondence to draw a line to aeriform sheet. Scanning spectrum width adjusts laser to compare sheet of the gas that be measured to absorb line spectrum accordingly width is narrower. Through changing the electric current of solid state laser, the laser wavelengh that includes sheet to draw a line is blasted off to come out by scanning.
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