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Laser myopia operation is not get sth done once and for ever
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Ruijin hospital luck inspects the findings that ophthalmology announced yesterday to show, the pick off after although exceed the patient of 95 % to be in,laser correct manages an operation glasses, but the further consultation with a doctor after having 3 months after patient of half eye disease does not accept an operation, the prediction of a person's luck in a given year of further consultation with a doctor after half an year is led more achieved 6 into.

The reporter understands in interview, after the operation seeing rarely in ophthalmic outpatient service at present as agreed upon the patient of further consultation with a doctor, patient of most further consultation with a doctor appeared after the operation vision problem just appeals at the doctor.

As we have learned, the requirement of further consultation with a doctor of patient of hospital cross-eye disease is, every 1, 2, 3, 6, 12, after 24 months, should further consultation with a doctor. Operation result depends on the response rate that optimal and correctional eyesight, diopter counts on any account, individual to be treated to laser before art and restore a situation, with etc element. Pass each inspection only, doctor ability tells a patient predicted result.

The patient just does not check after a few years.

The expert points out, the eye in this paragraph of time already may produce slight change, but the patient may not become aware. What is more,the rather that, passed 56 years to check, the doctor is judged correctly very hard, very bad also suit the remedy to the case. Additional, the eye still should be caressed wholeheartedly after becoming an operation, the patient cannot swim inside a month; Ministry of the eye inside a week cannot make up, not usable force rubs an eye; The shampoo inside a week and when bathing, should take care, do not let water and soap enter an eye; Want according to doctor to indicate use eyedrop.