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Underwater laser beam welding accepts the evolution that the technology studies
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Because marine engineering construction is made in maritime labour all the year round, its work environment is very harsh, except get outside working load of the structure, bear even the add load that storm, wave, tide causes and seawater are corroded, arenaceous the abrasion that flow, earthquake or cold region ice flow invade. In addition, of oil natural gas combustible explode easily the gender also is put in menace to the structure. And the body of marine structure is in underwater, the examination that contact solders after enlisting in army and it is very difficult to repair, cost is high also, once produce gross structure injury or capsize accident, the severe loss that causes life property. Make to the design of marine engineering construction so, material choice and solder construction have firm quality demand. And the development as marine oil and natural gas industry, marine plumbing increasingly to deep-sea push forward, our country serves as a developing coastal big country, national economy should grow continuously, must regard a long-term strategic mission as deep-sea development and protection. Project of many marine pipeline construction solders to underwater the technology raised new requirement.

As a result of,underwater solders the existence of water, make solder the process becomes more complex, and can appear various land solders a problem that did not encounter, current, the underwater that world each country is applying and studies solders methodological sort is various, application is more mature is arc welding. Solder as underwater technical development, besides commonly used wet underwater solders, local underwater working a way solders and dry method underwater solders beyond, appeared again a few new underwater solder method. But, in light of the prospect that develops from each country ocean, the research that underwater solders cannot get used to the need that the situation admits far. Accordingly, strengthen the research of this respect, no matter be right now or in the future, will be a very significant work.

1 underwater solders of the technology newest make progress

1.1 wet underwater solders

Wet in soldering, the main problem performance that underwater solders is most outstanding. Because this uses this kind of method to get quality hard,solder well contact, close in main applied field especially, wet soldering quality hard satisfactory. But as a result of wet underwater solders have facility simple, cost is low, operate agile, adaptability to wait for an advantage by force. So, in recent years each country still studies in proceed to this kind of method, besmear especially medical welding rod and manual arc welding, henceforth a paragraph of period still can receive farther application.

In welding rod respect, compare the welding rod of Hydroweld FS underwater that has development of British Hydroweld company advancedly, patent underwater welding rod of the United States 7018 ' S welding rod, and the influence that German Hanover university is based on broken bits to enrage combination to protect pair of frit drop to transfer and the double deck that protective mechanism place develops protect medical core welding rod oneself. The person such as American Stephen Liu adds manganese, titanium, boron and rare-earth element in welding rod coating, improved solder the weldability in the process can, refined welding line microcosmic organization [1] .
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