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The communication technology of equipment of laser beam machining is analysed
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1 foreword

Equipment of laser beam machining uses laser namely high-energy quantity and efficient characteristic production are comfortable the equipment of the product at people production and life. Current, equipment of laser beam machining has developed to calculate equipment of machine pilot high-tech for maneuver from traditional manual operation pattern. The working process of equipment of laser beam machining is the computer undertakes control and be operatinged to its, the course that equipment of laser beam machining runs by oneself again. In whole process, communication technology took on the bridge of the computer and laser equipment.

Current, in equipment of domestic and international laser beam machining, the communication means that often uses has and linage occupies interface, USB interface and technology of LAN (local area network) interface.

2 collateral data interface

Abbreviation of collateral data interface " and mouth " . Of collateral mouth " collateral " either the collateral data line that points to interface and a side of systematic bus line, the collateral data line that points to interface and equipment of I / O or a side of object be accusinged however. Collateral interface applies to the circumstance with deferent close quarters, it is a kind of buildup two-way and collateral transmission interface.

Collateral data interface makes the installation of equipment is reached use become easy, top transmission rate can be amounted to 1. 5 Mbps. Current, the collateral interface in the computer basically regards printer as port, interface uses contact of form of 25 needles D. Running paralell is to show 8 data pass collateral line to undertake conveying at the same time, such making that number sends speed to rise significantly as it is said, but collateral and deferent circuit length should be restricted, because length increases, interference can increase, make mistake easily. As equipment of laser beam machining character, the use of collateral interface ever was in regnant position inside certain period, although be in those who have stimulate

Light also gets applied extensively in treatment facilities. But the printer that with its with respect to equipment of laser beam machining he uses collateral interface, the static that place of laser high pressure produces is stronger, error rate is accordingly higher; And dispersive appearance presents on situation as a result of equipment of laser beam machining, because this is collateral of interface " short " what distance communication gives laser beam machining device is large-scale use brought huge limitation, this produces business to develop the interface that can ensure information accuracy and more comfortable Yu Yuan are apart from data news report further with respect to equipment of requirement laser beam machining.

3USB interface

USB namely the abbreviate of Universal Serial Bus, chinese meaning is " general and serial bus line " . It is not a kind of new bus line standard, apply in the new-style interface technology of PC domain however. Be in early 1995, USB interface applies successfully at the PC, it is the interface standard with the at present wider application on computer. USB interface is computer advocate board interface of a kind of when go up 4 needles, 2 needles among its are used at transmitting data, 2 needles of both sides are peripheral power supply. USB interface rate is rapidder (USB2. 0 can amount to 20 Mbps) , join is simple and power source is received outside needing, can undertake heating up inserting dialing, set good compatibility external at the same time. USB interface can resemble Hub(collect string implement) have quantitative expansion through cascade euqally, but cascade number cannot exceed 3, can affect the power supply voltage of peripheral badly otherwise, make peripheral cannot work, burn out likely still advocate board; In specific work, the communication circuitry length of USB cannot exceed 1 commonly. 5m, what bring about data possibly otherwise is missing what convey with data is not stable. the facility of laser beam machining that has cooperating with working with the computer, USB interface also restricts the dimensional range of equipment of laser beam machining apparently, make machine equipment to cannot distributing inside big range the job, affect the investment of large plant and batch production badly.
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