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Second laser flies to become the analysis of filar evolution whole process in ai
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The United States rested closely 1995 root university exceeds the Braum of fast optical center to wait to observe the laser in air becomes filar phenomenon first. Because laser becomes silk to detect in atmosphere remote sensing, air pollution, laser is revulsive the potential application of the respect such as lightning, super- short exceed powerful laser pulse a heat that the phenomenon becoming silk in air becomes laser plasma to consider.

The researcher of Canadian Laval university is the closest the complete evolution process that from experiment and theory two respects studied to odd root laser becomes silk. The experiment uses the titanium gem laser that repeats 800nm of 3.2mJ of energy of frequency 10Hz, odd pulse, wavelengh, stimulate beam of light to go out through be in after telescopic collimation shoot a face to show elliptic. Benefit consumed report the times fluorescence that adds a canal to explore nitrogen (concern with much photon ionization and channel ionization) the plasma passageway that will decide laser is revulsive. In numeric imitate, researcher uses odd root laser to become filar formula, considered diffraction, group the instantaneous of effect of linear of speed chromatic dispersion, Ke Erfei and defer influence and plasma passageway. Consider to think, the pulse that laser becomes filar process is quasi-steady state area above all is compressed (and from dimensional filter wave) , it is forward position next the strong ionization of second pulse dominant becomes silk, it is subsequently hind become silk along the weak ionization of second pulse dominant, finally is from filter the linear of wave radical model is diffractive.