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Victory of meeting of year of stimulative orgnaization of subcontract of 2007
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Subcontract of 2007 international industry promotes victory of orgnaization year meeting to hold
2007/10/22/11:03 origin: Limited company of Chongqing exhibition center
Meeting of year of stimulative orgnaization of subcontract of industry of international of 2007 U.N. Industrial Development Organization (annual meeting of the following abbreviation) on October 21 in the morning 9 when in Chongqing 30 minutes big public house holds Suofeite. Theme of current annual meeting is: "The opportunity that enterprise of manufacturing industry of the equipment below globalization setting and public service orgnaization face and challenge " , in the light of enterprise, industry organization, commerce is promoted orgnaization and each international industry subcontract promote an orgnaization (SPX center) and hold. Honored guest attending the meeting published an address with respect to multinomial heat problem respectively.

Federation of German auto industry (Beijing) limited company general manager Mr Wolfgang R.Wagner introduced German auto industry to purchase experience, brief the supplier of Europe department car that analysed day department, beautiful department and heart department to be a delegate chooses a characteristic, the problem such as the to the supplier choice standard in supplying chain with respect to heart department car answered the reporter's query. Mr Wagner was elaborated at present the supplier of Chinese car line of business of 75% does not accord with level of German class A, many Chinese supplier needs to raise multinomial quality index to just can satisfy international car to purchase the requirement of business.
Standard and eligible assess alliance (abbreviation CSCA) Zhang Jiang of chief inspector of Chinese district operation did a problem to be " the development strategy of international standard confluence and Chinese industry " speech. Emphasize product safety and technical standard making the central point of international trade, strengthening standardization to work is the urgent need that intense international competition answers after entering a life, advocate energetically, drive the main task that uses advanced standard of international standard and abroad to already made domestic company foreign trade actively.

U.N. project is current, the many Africa country such as Qatar purchases the forehead to rise ceaselessly in China, dealings of the trade between two countries is increasingly frequent, qatar bay industry sought advice from constituent director Eng.Ismail Elshafei to participate in current annual meeting. Personnel attending the meeting all says to serve an orgnaization to industry especially the specific work method of SPX had farther knowledge, state SPX Chongqing center can think those are being explored enter big company subcontract and the medium and small businesses that supply catenary system to provide cogent service.
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