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The 7th China (Hangzhou) exhibition of mould of international machine tool - e
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The 7th China (Hangzhou) exhibition of mould of international machine tool
2007/11/2/10:12 origin: International machine tool mould exhibition
Begin time: 2008-05-23
End time: 2008-05-25
Hold a place: Hangzhou peace international exhibition center
Contact: Mr Chen Lin 13906522362
Connect a telephone call: 0571-85380595 85380592
Sponsor an unit: Zhejiang saves Zhejiang of mechanical Joint Industry Conference to save machinist Cheng to learn Hangzhou city machinist Cheng society
Undertake unit: Exhibition of the be an official in Hangzhou serves Shen Shi of limited company Shanghai to show service limited company

Industry gain is met brief introduction

China (Hangzhou) international industry exposition (exposition of industry of former Zhejiang international) only then 2002, annual held in Hangzhou peace international exhibition center May, all previous classics is lasting 6 years, healthy, steadily forward progress. Join formally 2006 " exposition of Chinese Hangzhou west lake " exhibition project, it is the large meeting that key of Hangzhou municipal government gives aid to exhibits a project (the following abbreviation " industry gain is met " ) .

2008 China (Hangzhou) the support that international industry exposition got various government of province, city reachs guild, will in May 2008 23-25 day is held ceremoniously in Hangzhou peace international exhibition center. Current project gain is met will with " raise industrial equipment level, enhance ability of innovation of science and technology " for core, with " reveal, negotiate, communication " for the purpose, the key reveals: Drive of automation of machinery of treatment of numerical control machine tool, metal, mould and equipment, electron, electric power 5 big themes. The academic forum that the corresponding period holds and produce (row) peak of course of study the activity such as the meeting, will increase exposition class, attract more ginseng to exhibit business and professional audience.

Machine tool of 2007 Hangzhou international is exhibited -- review

Review: "Machine tool of international of the 6th Hangzhou is exhibited " on May 24, 2007 - 26 days are held satisfactorily in Hangzhou peace international exhibition center, the key showed advanced technique of industry of our city, my province and domestic and international machine tool, mould and equipment, gathered together with friend of machine tool of group of Xi Menzi, Hangzhou machine tool, Guilin, Taiwan beautiful, Xin Xin is carried then, group of v of system of automation of industry of Qing Hong of machinery of Dalian machine tool, Li Chi, Taiwan, MAG, Yangzhou, Xuzhou.
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