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Munich laser is exhibited participate in industry of countrywide laser beam ma
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Munich laser is exhibited participate in industry of countrywide laser beam machining to develop forum
2007/11/28/14:39 origin: Munich laser, photoelectricity is exhibited
2-5 day was in forum of development of estate of countrywide laser beam machining in November 2007 center of communication of learning of international of university of Hua Zhongke ability is held ceremoniously. Munich laser, photoelectricity exhibits what took an active part in the conference as the supportive unit of this forum to prepare with welcome the job.

Theme of forum of development of estate of laser beam machining be: Can last of Chinese laser company component of function of core of equipment of analysis of catenary of industry of equipment of laser beam machining of the analysis of development existing state of affairs 2007, China, laser beam machining reachs company of development countermeasure, China laser of international market of equipment of laser beam machining of technical development and demand analysis, China, product develop, strengthen, promote the technology of enterprise of laser beam machining innovation capability.

It is in the speech of congress head day, chinese optics learns committee of major of laser beam machining Director Deng Shusen, attend German Munich laser two years to exhibit continuously with its and the personal experience that Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity exhibits talked to extend the particular case of the meeting and the understanding that meet to exhibiting. Director Deng is mentioned, munich laser exhibits LASER is international a few big the professional exhibition of domain of famous laser, photoelectricity, biennially is held in German Munich, it is the grand meeting that expert of this domain each country and industry public figure gather together. Exhibit from LASER field of domestic laser, photoelectricity was made since can entering China from 2006 most professional exhibit one of meetings. Exhibit can gather together to include to connect fast, heart Shang Luofen, be concerned with, spectral physics, JDSU, favour to be able to bear or endure, LASERVALL, Linos, Miyaji, Ou Silang, big a group of things with common features, China labour, Chu Tian, . Exhibit can rely on the advantage that extends the corresponding period to hold with Munich Shanghai electron, large-scale covered electron and semiconductor field, the audience that has the field such as place of courtyard of each universities, scientific research, shipbuilding, steely, car, aerospace every year more besides from each district thick as hail.

In forum the following day afternoon, representing attending the meeting still are in of general manager of Fu Jun of numerous peaceful laser accompany below, visited product of numerous peaceful company to show room and manufacturing workshop, the success that representing gain to the development of numerous peaceful and place in succession expresses praise.
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