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Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity is exhibited had booked half
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Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity is exhibited had booked half
2007/12/21/11:12 origin: Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity is exhibited
Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity is exhibited (LASER. Since World Of Photonics China) landed China 2006 oneself, the brand effect that depending on German LASER is in China with its the profound influence of market of laser, photoelectricity, get all the time the welcome of broad industry business. 2008 will be the 3rd exhibition since LASER.China lands China. Current, client of new old laser signs up eagerly, exhibit can prepare go well. In March 2008, LASER.China will with more formidable battle array, have the exhibit of shock force more, submit user of vast now enterprise before.

Sign up ahead of schedule get broad the response that postpones business!

Since the flutter job that Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity postponed 2008 begins oneself, wide the attention that gets industry. Just end August, had exhibited the joyance that brought a bumper harvest for Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity ahead of schedule. According to not complete count, because the enthusiasm of new old client supports, up to Munich Shanghai laser, photoelectricity exhibited the clean sale in home to already surpassed the record of the corresponding period 2007 August. This adumbrative LASER.China 2008 will be mixed in total exhibition area exhibit there is qualitative flight on quotient!

End to on August 31, 2007, already many 100 exhibited business to book the Munich Shanghai laser 2008, photoelectricity to exhibit. Compare 2006 the corresponding period, ginseng exhibit an area to grow considerably. Predict 2008 exhibit meeting, exhibit quotient to will exceed 200, exhibit an area 12, 000 square metre. Dimensions relatively previous term or session exhibits growth of meeting general twice! Current, the positive response of the market makes flutter impetus overwhelm, heat of flutter job normalizing undertakes in!

End to at present, join the new old ginseng that exhibit to exhibit for (postpone business for the part only, the rank does not divide early or late) :

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