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2008 China (Beijing) international laser, photoelectron and exhibition of smoo
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2008 China (Beijing) international laser, photoelectron and exhibition of smooth indication product
Begin time: 2008-06-04
End time: 2008-06-06
Hold a place: Center of Beijing · China International exhibition
Contact: Yan Dong
Connect a telephone call: 010-68636698
Sponsor an unit: In Beijing of institute of government of Chinese electron quality inferior start exhibition limited company
Undertake unit: In Beijing inferior start exhibition limited company

2008 China (Beijing) international laser, photoelectron and unit of approval of exhibition of smooth indication product: Department of Commerce of People's Republic of China
Assist run an unit: Limited company of Changzhou electron equipment
Media support: Product of laser of world of product of laser of net of laser business affairs purchases Hui Cong of HC360 of guideline China laser net China optical wall bulletin is infra-red as optical as laser project application optics and photoelectricity technology yuan acting electron of E of net of inquiry of electron of wall bulletin of parts of an apparatus is introductive
Exhibit can review: Annual an international laser, photoelectron and exhibition of smooth indication product are held successfully in Beijing. Domestic and international numerous and well-known trademark gathers together, concentration showed laser, photoelectron and the new and high product that show solely, technology and equipment, attracted more than 100 ginseng that come from country and the area such as Hong Kong of the United States, Germany, Japan, Korea, Switzerland, China and Chinese Taiwan ﹑ to exhibit business and content to shed industry of business affairs of course of study, manufacturing industry, electron, network, retail trade, education, banking, medicine, automation to wait on, the ginseng of 90% above exhibited business to obtain satisfactory ginseng to exhibit the effect.

For farther conduct propaganda, promotion domestic and international laser, photoelectron and light demonstrate the product with newest domain and skill, exploration laser, photoelectron and light show the compositive application solution that waits for a domain, create environment of good communication, collaboration and atmosphere. By Beijing medium inferior promote quality of electron of exhibition limited company, China to manage electron of association, China the 2008 China that combination of committee of major of broadcast of news report of quality government institute, TV sponsors (Beijing) international laser, photoelectron and smooth indication product is exhibited on June 2008 4, in Beijing · 6 days China International is exhibited, the friend that invites you and you heartily attends this second exhibit meeting, we will provide overall service for you, make you pass this second exhibition, development market, wide reach domestic and international traveling trader, get business chance, achieve in all brilliant! , greeting ginseng is exhibited, look around.
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