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Two kinds of new generation are fiber-optic of the technology define
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Grow as the explosive type of IP portfolio in last few years, the way that telegraphic net is beginning to be down generation to be able to develop continuously develops, and the physical foundation that building the fiber-optic infrastructure that has tremendous transmission capacity is next generation networks. Conventional G.652 Chan Moguang a rope for towing a boat is getting used to afore-mentioned exceeding the development need aspect of deferent network already exposed high speed Sunday run the state that gives ability not equal to one's ambition, development is new-style and fiber-optic the main component that already made infrastructure of network of the generation below development. Current, to get used to the different development need of main network and net of city land with certain boundaries, already appeared two kinds those who differ is new-style and fiber-optic, be not fine of 0 kinds of astigmatism namely (G.655 is fiber-optic) absorb a peak with anhydrous fiber-optic (Quanbo is fiber-optic) .

1, blame 0 chromatic dispersion are fiber-optic

Be not fine of 0 kinds of astigmatism (G.655 is fiber-optic) basic design thought is in 1550 windows working wavelengh area has reasonable inferior chromatic dispersion, the Sunday run of enough support 10Gbps is transmitted and need not chromatic dispersion compensation, saved chromatic dispersion compensator to reach its thereby the cost of add smooth amplifier; In the meantime, value of its chromatic dispersion maintains again be not 0 character, the least numerical value that has one minimum (be like 2ps / ( above) , enough suppress mixes 4 times and across is phasic modulation nonlinear influence, open the DWDM system that has enough much wavelengh aptly, at the same time contented TDM and DWDM admit directional need two kinds. To achieve afore-mentioned goals, can grow shortwave of tend of dot of 0 chromatic dispersion side (normally limits of 1510 ~ 1520nm) or long wavelengh side (near 157nm) , the made chromatic dispersion that presents certain size in the working wavelengh area near 1550nm is worth in order to satisfy afore-mentioned requirements. Typical G.655 is fiber-optic in the chromatic dispersion of 1550nm wavelengh area the value is the 1 / with fiber-optic G.652 1 / of 6 ~ 7, because this chromatic dispersion compensates a distance to also be the 6 ~ with fiber-optic G.652 roughly 7 times, chromatic dispersion compensates cost (include smooth amplifier, chromatic dispersion compensator and installation are debugged) far under G.652 fiber-optic.

2, Quanbo is fiber-optic

Compare with long-distance network photograph, wire side of city land with certain boundaries faces more complex and changeful business environment, want to support big user directly, need frequent portfolio dredge and bandwidth government ability consequently. But its transmit a distance very short however, have 50 ~ 80km only normally, apply fiber-optic amplifier rarely consequently, fiber-optic chromatic dispersion also is not a problem. Apparent, in such application the environment falls, how ability most economy makes portfolio fluctuation effectively fiber-optic become a network to design crucial factor. Collect appliance to have hundreds answer cent answer uses the wave of high density collect that uses wavelengh the technology will be a solution that has an outlook very much. Right now, can give different wavelengh the portfolio allocation of all sorts of different rate, road and cent are chosen to insert in what portfolio has on smooth road. In this kind of application, development is had as far as possible of broad usable wave band fiber-optic become a key. The main factor that affects usable wave band at present is the water near 1385nm absorbs a peak, if can try,eliminate peak of this one water consequently, fiber-optic usable spectrum is expected to expand greatly. Quan Boguang fine is born below this kind of situation.
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