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Wuhan university " ultraviolet system of much wavelengh lidar "
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Every arrive sunshine, hill of Jia of Wuhan university Luo in the sky total conference appears mysterious laser, arrive directly at the aerosphere of 100 kilometers. The lidar system place that mysterious laser is development of easy sail of scholar of expert of physics of Wuhan university space, the Yangtse River and its group gives out. As a result of the " plod " of lidar system, yi Fan and its group took the lead in achieving our country upper air thoroughly the data of first-hand air temperature of area of 100 kilometers less than. On September 28, wuhan university " is ultraviolet " of system of much wavelengh lidar passes expert of Ministry of Education check and accept.

Field of zephyr of air temperature, density is the parameter of 3 big keys of " of " headroom atmosphere. Long-term since, atmosphere experts set radar of 100 many weather in the cloth on the ground, mastered the low altitude atmosphere under the 10 kilometers in sky basically, the change such as the wind that the point that plane place reachs encounters, rain, thunder, report is alled to master accordingly. But state of taller " of " headroom atmosphere how, as a result of the restrict and becomes beyond the reach of one's power research blind area of sensor, what affect rocket, satellite to wait thereby is accurate blast off.

From on 90 time begin the century, the large radar installation that Yi Fan and its group begin to try to design and research and development can explore headroom scene, obtain series positive result. Development is successful 2001 domestic power aperture accumulates the biggest sodium resonance fluorescence at that time / Rayleigh lidar; Developed lidar of fluorescence of resonance of the first iron of successful Asia 2003, in the sky got our country first the atmosphere density of 30-80 kilometer and temperature data; Finished Tieboerciman 2004 test of lidar principle prototype, took the lead in realizing the foundation remote sensing of temperature of the air inside 30-100km limits to explore in our country; Completed the development of prototype of principle of some model ground 2005; Finished Rayleigh 2006 / Raman / the development of rice scattering lidar; Developed lidar of fluorescence of successful calcic nuclear resonance 2007.

According to Introduction Yi Fan, the emissive wavelengh of laser measures level for accept rice, produce reaction easily with content be explorationed and produce a variety of scattering echo. The ground is passed receive scattering light, can explore the temperature in atmosphere, density and other drop part. Before this, the wavelengh that the radio radar that atmosphere exploration place uses gives out is too big, produce reaction with content be explorationed hard. What apply for appraisal this is ultraviolet the convention that system of much wavelengh lidar had realized to carry metallic iron, natrium, calcic layer on the head to middle-level is explored, finished the whole climate observation that enrages sol to low layer air, obtained from close ground till section plane of temperature of the atmospheric inside 100 kilometers limits. "Ultraviolet " of system of much wavelengh lidar in the country foundation of environment of space of the Eastern hemisphere of " of great and scientific project is monitored integratedly child midday catenary (abbreviation child midday project) get applied in " .
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