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Machine of the carve inside semiconductor laser applies at vitreous bottle
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Technology of the carve inside laser glass, crystal is at present the sculpture inside the the most advanced, most popular glass on international machines a method, it is pulse YAG powerful laser times frequency, output wavelengh 532nm green laser, in-house focusing waits in glass, crystal, the vaporization that produces micron to measure class volume is bit more dissilient, through the computer control blowout chooses the dimensional place inside vitreous body, make the stereo picture of in-house colorfulness. Agree with the implementation inside crystal, vycor, optical glass, common glass, toughened glass is careful inside vulture. The ABS resin that still can be used at passing through glass makes bid, glass domain of apparently lamp of silicon film cut.

Because machine of the carve inside semiconductor used light produced by electricity to move Q technology, frequency can achieve 1KHz, successive line can get in the carve inside plane, suit the sculpture of planar LOGO and character particularly, to high-grade wine kind manufacturer home, use the carve inside laser plane to carve LOGO inside bottle besides can promote a product class, return the effect that can have to prevent bogus.