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The composition of laser beam cutting machine reachs the craft parameter that af
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System of laser beam cutting machine is average by laser generator, (outside) transmission component of beam of light, workbench (machine tool) , ark of personal computer numerical control, condenser and computer (hardware and software) wait for a part to comprise.

1, laser generator.

To the utility of laser beam cutting machine, use YAG solid laser besides a few circumstance outside, the majority uses phone - the CO2 gas laser that changes efficiency to be able to output higher power higher solely. When working as a result of laser beam cutting machine, ask to quality of beam of light very tall, so not all laser can use as of cut.

2, machine tool of numerical control cut.

Divide composition by 3, namely workbench (it is accurate machine tool commonly) , beam of light transmits a system (road of the light outside saying sometimes, namely the transmission optics of the beam of light inside whole light path before the beam of light that laser gives out arrives at workpiece, mechanical component) with system of personal computer numerical control. Press the means with cut ark and relatively mobile workbench, can divide for the following 3 sort:

(1) in cut process, beam of light (shoot by cutting torch) move with workbench, y of edge of general beam of light to move, workbench is in X to move.

(2) in cut process, have beam of light only (cutting torch) mobile, workbench is not mobile.

(3) in cut process, workbench is only mobile, and beam of light (cutting torch) fixed do not move.

3, 5 axes machine.

Need cut is encountered sometimes in industrial production the problem of three-dimensional and stereo component, and laser beam cutting machine of general 2 axes, 3 axes can cut workpiece of 2 dimension plane, this installs the cut machine of stock manipulator with respect to need, namely 5 axes machine.

4, laser is strong cut machine.

Come for years, the laser that abroad developed integrated laser beam cutting machine and mechanical punching technology is strong cut machine, this kind of machinery uses mechanical method model to rush to the workpiece of complex form inside aperture, the predestined relationship outside be being cut with laser cut method next and the line that need Sunday run cut.

Workpiece is before cut, the appears possibly problem in the feasibility that has laser cut to its and cut process should give beforehand consideration. For instance, can be this kind of material denied have laser cut? Where is the difficulty of its cut? Whether to need to undertake trying cutting to sample? How to achieve the requirement of the quality of cut and precision? Where is the fiducial and initial drop of workpiece cut put? Etc.

The factor that affects quality of cut of laser beam cutting machine is very much, a of laser cut main good point depends on can be opposite the main factor in the process carries out height to control, the workpiece that makes cut goes out satisfies the client's requirement adequately, and repeatability is very good. These main factors output the craft parameter such as power to form by pressure of position of cut speed, focus, auxiliary gas, laser.
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