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Laser gush piles up machine and laser sign chance
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One, laser label passes 3 kinds of means to come true commonly:

Purify surface material dozen mark

Purify exterior film or coating

Become angry dozen of mark

These 3 kinds of means all can leave certain deepness before two kinds medium in product surface (≤ 0.3mm, inspect material to pledge and decide) dent, after occurrence chemistry reacts, the 3rd kind of meeting after because material itself is in,encountering heat happens become angry. Because this laser label is had permanent with the extremely strong action that prevent bogus.

2, at present the common laser on home market hits sign chance to divide roughly the following two big kinds:

A. Machine of laser gush code

It is the facility of a kind of mark that packages product line form a complete set with all sorts of products, the product that is labelled does not have halt ground motion on product line, successive gush piles up laser (make bid) , run maintenance-free for a long time, belong to product of new generation of environmental protection sex.

This equipment needs to choose different laser only (the CO2 laser that installs life of entrance train in excess specified length formerly or YAG are successive laser) can be opposite the product of all sorts of online motion or material if plastic, glass, leather, lumber or paper, metal stuff have number, replace code of printing ink gush to label with latticedot matrix means on all sorts of products the function of date, lot number, time, character, need not printing ink, free from contamination, economic moving cost.

B. Laser of type of Zhen Jing of high speed scanning makes bid machine

It is current domestic and international the most advanced laser makes sign system, this kind of system has scanning rate fast, repeat precision tall, durable sex is good wait for a characteristic, with machine of laser gush code the work place of online motion differs, laser sign chance is multi-purpose be like paper, plastic, glass, leather, lumber or metallic stuff to have number at dormant material, the means mark date with vectorgraph, lot number, time, character and all sorts of brand design.