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Strange think of clever want- - use laser to transport solar energy
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Not long ago, the author is browsing an interesting article saw when the scientific journal that goes out newly. The article introduced a kind to make high-energy laser in the universe, those who make laser regards energy source illuminate as the earth is strange think of clever want (" acceleration cosmic sunshine uses research " , " day classics Science " ) .

Idea has bit of similar microwave deferent technology, but use microwave technology to must blast off to the middle of the universe exceed big solar battery and antenna (diametical 2km) , not quite actual.

The laser that the article speaks of conveyed to use completely different principle. Above all, place in the universe stick the thin plate of pottery and porcelain that has reflection aluminum foil, use at reflexing sunshine, arouse through what when faint infrared laser and sunshine encounter, get next, obtain high-energy laser. In imitate experiment, right now the sources of energy changes efficiency (sunshine arrives the change efficiency of laser) for 30 % , final estimation can achieve 45 % above.

After obtaining laser, earthly base (illustration shows is to be on ocean) water of recycle laser illuminate, make moisture is solved, generate hydric. Those who make is hydric use as the sources of energy of fuel cell car and fuel cell dynamo. That is to say, this system need not change the sources of energy into electric energy, change the 50 % of the sun's rays that obtains from inside the universe into the hydrogenous the sources of energy that can store however. Think of a way is really special and clever.

The JAXA that has this research (cosmic aviation considers to develop an orgnaization) express, the infrared laser of 1 million KW will be installed finally in the universe. Produce a harm to the plane of laser, shipping, bird for incorrect illuminate, the density of the sources of energy of laser will be reduced.

Introduce this a kick in one's gallop research, the reason is the development that investigates as right ball situation problem, the author sends pessimism more to future. Technology of new energy resources always actors or actress defect coexists, and defect is more serious still. Such going down, want not to change human habits and customs only, protecting earthly environment cannot come true. What doesn't change habits and customs perhaps calculate for abundant to developed country life person, but the developing country that taking off deficient hard to what, who can ask they " is the sources of energy used up fall lowermost rate " ?

The whole world is calefacient although be an austere topic, but can not let the earth two days a day destroy. As looking at the bishop in bottle, express gladly " ah, still have so much " same, when be prospective consider, need not be eager to making conclusions, it is very important to dare to make this kind see the think of a way that seems an incredible story. So here, ground of author make bold is a technology hopeful theory send on one bill.
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