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Satellitic laser technology reachs newest research state
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Laser communication has data capacity big, deferent line is much, confidential sex is strong, can convey the distance is further, equipment the advantage such as economy of light, charge. Size of original electromagnetism communication technology is small, confidential sex is poor, cannot satisfy the requirement that the society expands more and more.

One, the advantage of satellitic laser communication

Satellitic laser communication is it is transmission agency with laser, smooth communication link is established between the satellite, implementation counts the technology that loses as it is said. System of satellitic laser communication and photograph of microwave communication system compare have the following advantage:

1, greatly channel capacity

The frequency of laser is taller than microwave 3 to 4 amounts class, the carrier that serves as communication is meant bigger but endowment use frequency band. Smooth communication the data rate of every passageway can amount to 20Gb/s above, and still can use a technology that cent answer uses make communication capacity twice rises, still will have as technical progress rise substantially.

2, low power comsumption

The part of disperse the internal heat with sudorifics of laser is very small, energy height is centered, the power density that falls on the telescopic antenna of receiver is high, thereby the emissive power of catapult can be reduced greatly, communication catapult power comsumption is relatively inferior. This to satellite communications the field put the palms together with valuable resource of this kind of power is divided applicable.

3, weight light

The emissive power with inferior catapult and power are used up make the weight of catapult and its power supply system must fall below; grows because of the wave of laser at the same time short, mix in role of same emissive beam diverge receive angle of visual field to ask to fall, the caliber that blast off and receives binoculars is OK and lesser. Laser communication cast off the dish form antenna with microwave huge system, weight and bulk can be reduced a lot of, this to satellite communications it is very advantageous.

4, of height confidential quality

Laser has directional sex of height, emissive beam is fine, and be inside short time can transmit mass data quite, decrease to correspond continuously thereby time. Because communication of this satellite laser has confidential sex of height and interference rejection sex, prevent effectively eavesdrop and diagnose, mix to the military affairs civil have greater sense. Horn of typical diverge of beam of system of satellitic laser communication is 10rad.

2, the difficulty of satellitic laser communication

While communication of the laser between the satellite has afore-mentioned advantages, brought the on smooth communication technology difficulty between the satellite and its particular characteristic as much:
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