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The medical application of CO2 laser and relevant item - CO2 laser
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The medical application of CO2 laser reachs relevant item
2006/8/30/9:59 origin: The technology develops Lin Xin of Wuhan treasure Zhi limited company
Come thousands of years, a variety of treatment methods ever were used to improve skin organization, purify furrow, include chemistry to come off among them the law, law that brush a skin. But deepness of the cure when these methodological application masters very hard, be opposite easily all round the organization causes harm, art aftereffect fruit is not ideal, existing a lot of malpractice. In recent years, CO2Laser is used to do hairdressing, the skin of purify ageing or damage, and can make all round the organization is relatively insusceptible, the result is satisfactory. This is called extensively " laser changes skin " .

CO2The wavelengh of laser is 10600nm, can be absorbed by water height, and the bases that water is parenchyma. When CO2Laser illuminate arrives when the skin, deliver energy the organization and be organized to absorb. The moisture in skin organization heats quickly, aerification and expand quickly the pressure with powerful generation, break the chemical bond between constituent member, make single element or young member round dissociate go out to organize and achieve the effect that grinding skin organizes. The deepness of grinding is less than 100um, won't cause harm to deep-seated organization.

CO2Laser can arise extremely short period high energy pulse. Use collimation pulse, reason masters more easily to cutaneous irradiation time every time. Accordingly, remedial deepness is controlled easily, won't be conducted because of quantity of heat and be opposite all round normal organization causes loss, without fire damage or char phenomenon. As a result of every time the organization of illuminate purify is very few, reason needs illuminate several times to just can achieve anticipated skin deepness, the security of the operation greatly rise. On the other hand, laser is controlled by microcomputer, can produce different grinding figure, will get used to figure of different skin pathological changes, fall with respect to the harm to normal organization so to lowest. Accept the skin position of laser illuminate, surface layer is organized by grinding, grow the cell achieves a new collagen fiber then go knitting the end that changes skin.
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