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The tumour inside skull of holmium laser treatment - holmium laser
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Holmium laser treats the tumor inside skull
2006/8/31/9:41 origin: The 2nd medical university of Shanghai is accessary author of benevolence aid hospital: Ursine Wen Hao Luo Jizhong Li Xiaoxiong Qiu Yongming

The article treated 12 brain tumor to make preliminary summary to holmium laser. In 12 brain tumor, meningeal tumour 4, colloid brain tumor 4, nerve fibroma 2, fungous hemangioma 1, malign fibre tumour 1. 8 cut tumor completely, additional excision of 4 greater part, die without. Holmium laser is in excision deep tumour, blood reachs the tumor side with better quality of a material to have original advantage for abounding, holmium laser uses security, right all round cerebral tissue damages minimum.

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Laser excision brain tumor is a kind of safety, handy and effective treatment method, already was used extensively at present. Afterwards CO2, nd:YAfter AG laser, the holmium of the wavelengh 2.1um that comes out recently (Ho:YAG) laser has water portion to draw fine, right all round constituent loss is small, can make the good point that carves an operation subtly, already applied Yugeke clinical. My courtyard treated patient of 12 brain tumor at using holmium laser 1994, curative effect satisfaction, report as follows now:

[clinical data]

In 12 case of illness, the male 8; Female 4. Age 33-76 year old, it is 48 on average. The patient is main and clinical symptom: Have a headache 6; Dazed 1; Limbs is faint 2; Language barrier 2; Epileptic fit 2; Eyesight drops 3; Pop-eyed 1; Audition drops 1. Body ask forring: Limbs paresis 2; Motility is broken language 2; Monocular blindness 2; Audition loses 1; All round sexual face paralysis 1. Assist an examination: This group makes CT inspection entirely, 2 do MRI, 1 does DSA. 4 CT show low density kitchen range or do not wait for density kitchen equably. 6 CT are smooth sweep show do not wait for density kitchen equably. 2 CT show the border that waits for density understands focus of a disease. A MRI shows medium, hind the density kitchen such as the T1 with tremendous edge of large hole of skull nest and pillow and T2 heighten signal. A DSA shows for the tumour of sphenoid bone Ji with unusually rich blood. The place of tumor and pathology type see a table 1
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