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The laser application in biology medicine domain - laser medicine
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The laser application in biology medicine domain
2006/9/5/14:58 origin: Photonics
Laser because its good consistency, the characteristic such as monochromatic sex, collimation sex, since its since appearing, be opposite all the time the effect with the very main move since the development of biology medicine. In medical domain, laser technology has been permeated foundation and in a lot of clinical course and major, having major stimulative effect to medical development. Especially in recent years, laser medicine is in obtained great progress domestic and internationally, the application that uses the action mechanism that laser opposite content organizes to go up in medicine is very wide, be like: Light is caky (Photocoagulation) , smooth melt (Photoablation) , living things is provocative (Biostimulation) , laser clastic rock (Laser Lithotripy) , tumour of diagnosis and treatment (Destroying Tumor) wait.

◆ laser applies mediumly in the heart and vessels
Laser basically is reflected in the application in the heart and vessels in two respects, be destroyed hemally optionally namely and blood-vessel rebuilds art. Laser is used at be being destroyed hemally optionally to had gained a few revolutionary headway in theory and applied respect, american laser studies at center of cure of hemal music Zhang Zhi the laser that is informed 940nm has deeper penetrability, and better to blood red element absorption is characteristic, to water optimal absorb character and the smallest to melanin absorption. The laser that uses this wavelengh is right hemal music piece cure achieved very good curative effect. Blood-vessel of laser cardiac muscle rebuilds art is a kind of when replace groovy method to treat heart disease at present significant step, it uses laser to organize the fuel factor that action produces at cardiac muscle, stimulate beam of light to dig several small hole inside the heart section that lacks blood with high strenth, draw the blood in heart antrum to the cardiac muscle section that lacks blood through these small hole, improve the end that small circulation of cardiac muscle blood treats with achieving.
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