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Photoelectricity place research and development goes out confuse your underwater
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A few days ago, novel and chic confuse you high-definition camera is in underwater research and development of place of technology of photoelectricity of Chinese Academy of Sciences is successful, for this series underwater high-definition camera adds a fresh blood again. It is reported, two parts form box of the control on the chromatic camera that this camera can turn by underwater and water, basically use at large-scale underwater to video observes and monitor. This product weight light, shell is cabinet and beautiful, can provide high-definition underwater color picture, it is the edge tool of underwater scientific research, have use foreground extensively.

Main function index is: Chromatic CCD resolution 440 thousand resemble element, color of tall sensitivity 0.7lux(turns black and white) , but automatic or the hand is moved right anxious, have automatic aperture / automatic gain adjusts, have a hand to accuse to change times (optical 12, 18, a variety of 25 times norms are optional) , 2 dimension are electronic-controlled cloud stage (stainless steel or aluminium alloy) operate control by rocker, can take small-power spotlight oneself, underwater cable is about 30 meters long, make an appointment with 3.5 kilogram again, can get used to 25 meters of depth of water.