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Laser cuts out heat finalizes the design equipment improves productivity
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What Italian Solis company produces is semi-automatic change implement SBL agrees with heat finalizes the design, equiped for circular knitted fabric laser cuts out device, and equiped to fall selectively on transmission belt package buy and fixed length cut off device. The product that this device can make all sorts of notting have seam (wait like briefs and belt) , consequently product handling time shortens apparently, productivity gets rising.

Whole job process comes true on the needle canister of different diameter, the equipment of needle canister form is manual operation, mouth of form of a V opens in the upside of circular basketwork, the product is added with water sparge wet, heat finalizes the design labour hot air temperature amounts to 160 ℃ . Laser cuts out station join is on the side of its side, cylinder shape fabric is absorbed, cut out with CO2 industry laser, the laser that uses small strength is hand-me-down marked, at the same time a kind of fiber (for example polyamide and stretch gauze) solder each other, CO2 laser can be adjusted to 100W.

Semi-automatic change machine SBL to have equipment of 6 canisters shape, the diameter is 6~16 inch, the greatest height amounts to 900 millimeter. Wants hot air is an independent aircrew generation. Laser cuts out speed is 10 meters of / about on average minute, corresponding average cycle time is briefs 15 seconds, shirt 20 seconds. Cut out outline and degree design can contain the control lever that teachs oneself a process through, or use program of work out of system of CAD / CAM with the computer. Laser cuts out the advantage of machine is, process of job of two each other irrelvant (figuration and cut out) can operate motivation to undertake respectively at the same time through. Because need not be knitted,cut out contour line, canister shape fabric can make the product of all sorts of types, consequently flexible rise with productivity, semi-manufactured goods inventory decreases. And cut out through laser, the fusion welding outline of generation cannot be aware of, accordingly but the chain needle of extensibility of leave out block up is slash, having clear advantage at manual operation relatively. When the highest temperature that finalizes the design beforehand amounts to 160 ℃ , won't form rupture, because this process is of the loop. Symmetrical to each or of asymmetry cut out design, cut out can be among the product undertake. Operation machine does not need professional, the harm that and was not used cut knife of cloth with soft nap or arises when punch is dangerous.