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Culmination is fiber-optic and compound project of communication of great ocean
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CNII net dispatch in last few years, our country power transmission and the limits that data corresponds expand ceaselessly, especially the development of marine economy and the need that build along island island, original transmission means of power transmission of respective between two identical end points intersected and information data is already incommensurate market demand. The cable of marine and fiber-optic compound power that culmination science and technology develops satisfied market need, be in our country success application receives in a few big important and marine projects, produced positive effect.

The market values fiber-optic and compound cable

Show according to concerning a material, from 1890, england laid since cable of power of sea floor of insulation of the first natural balata, submarine cable received many promotion application inside nearly 100 follow-up years, production technology and use data are improved ceaselessly, voltage grade has been as high as 500kV, besides communication transmit electricity, dc transmit electricity also has used the field end Yu Hai widely, transmission distance also from tens of kilometers outspread to hundreds kilometer.

The application of our country submarine cable antedates 19 centuries evening. But the oil-filled cable that the submarine cable of 110kV tension level returns utilization reliability is higher or cable of entrance cross-linking polyethylene. The last few years, cable of sea floor of insulation of polyethylene of cross-linking of level of homebred 110kV tension just begins to develop production.

Because suffer cable of power of marine high pressure to produce the limitation of length, quality risk demand of performance of big, watertight is advanced element, only France is able to bear or endure on the world gram dark company, Italy compares the company such as storehouse of cane of Rayleigh company, ABB company, Japan to develop development already successfully this product, these companies are divided outside making, still offer lay technology, they are stared at in the morning went up our country marine photoelectricity is compound the broad market of cable.

Our country coasting is as long as 18 thousand kilometer, return island of distributinging move big isle littoral 5000 many. As the development of economy of the development of marine economy, islands, increased the comprehensive strength that economy of our country countryman grows greatly. Cable of submarine cable, marine power is marine economy between development and islands and islands, power transmission is mixed between islands and mainland the essential condition of network news report.

Our country is inchoate majority of laid submarine telecommunication cable is symmetrical cable, life period is short, confidential function difference, transmission size is small, and already arrived to change time, although the near future, also laid many submarine cable, but do not follow to go up far economic development; In the meantime, what because marine power cable can come true,cross maritime space is longer the distance is transmitted, transmission line of built on stilts cannot be likened to this, accordingly, the market of cable of our country marine power and submarine cable is very tremendous.
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