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Igneous phoenix is trichromatic laser is performed implement
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Product brief introduction:

Laser of igneous phoenix series is performed implement use newest exterior to design bulk small, weight light, exterior is beautiful, medicinal powder heat is good. Use
Entrance surface spray paint handles a technology to form.

Laser of igneous phoenix series is performed implement laser part uses semiconductor laser generator, red stimulates smooth wavelengh 650nm, green is stimulated
Light-wave grows 532nm, double lukewarm control laser power supply, laser illuminant service life is long, stability is tall, accord with international laser generator makes
With the standard.

Zhen Jing system introduces British Zhen Jing to control a technology, signal of international standard DMX-512 is controlled, inside buy 128 newest laser
Demonstrate effect pattern, make show of literal performance, animation performance, laser light beam, have dimensional effect, umbriferous effect, animation effect
Wait if really. The laser Zhenjing with scientific laser road design, fast light scans speed (35kpps) , will deduce brand-new laser effect
Perform a times if really.

Control mode: Laser of igneous phoenix series performs appliance to 15 DMX-512 control a passageway, a variety of control means: DMX-512
Signal control, music control, take mode control oneself. Software of lamps and lanterns is storing 128 laser design, undertake in the meantime different
Laser effect is performed.

Design of function of lamps and lanterns applies to: DISCO, act art, the place with the nightclub, TV station, higher demand such as opern makes

Functional effect introduces:

Igneous phoenix - trichromatic II laser is performed implement it is to use many groups of Zhen Jing the newest laser product of illuminant of each many laser. It at the same time
Have 3 opening giving light, light giving among is RGY trichromatic the effect, rich laser effect is design, OK have monochromatic, double quality at the same time,
Trichromatic laser effect performance, and the laser color accident of laser design effect is adjustable, so will more convenient your laser effect
Edit if really and perform. Have rotate, retroflexion, mobile, gradually draw, get ready and break the newest laser such as the pen to demonstrate the effect.

This product has 15 DMX-512 signal to control a passageway, can deduce a lot of distinct laser effects, laser moves light
Frequency of the effect, laser shines the effect, spatio-temporal move back and forth the newest laser such as the effect, three-dimensional laser effect demonstrates the effect, this product is provided in the meantime
Music controls a function, can according to musical metre different those who will adjust sound to dominate the result is different.