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Stage of our country head is airborne double standard photoelectricity measures
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First airborne TV of our country / photoelectricity of laser double standard surveys a system by optics of Changchun of the Chinese Academy of Sciences accurate machinery and physical institute developed a success a few days ago, finalize the design through the expert evaluation is checked and accept. The birth of this system, the mark is worn our country is power of group of one's life experience of this domain ascend.

This system used distinctive design train of thought, with abroad photograph of congener and advanced system is compared, not only function index is identical, same, and price of cheap, sex compares the price tall, fit Chinese national condition very much, popularize application in great quantities aptly.

As we have learned, the demand that airborne optics gauges equipment to wait for technical index to round-the-clock, remote, big visual field, high accuracy is very slashing, and double standard photoelectricity measures a system to have volume small, directional sex capability of good, interference rejection is strong, but the advantage such as round-the-clock work, get all the time the attention of each country investigator. Because double standard photoelectricity measures systematic oneself to involve smooth, machine, report integrated and compositive wait for sophisticated technology, in the project in the harsh environment such as airborne condition executive respect faces a lot of difficult problem, home does not have the precedent of success application all the time.

Place of smooth machine of Changchun of Chinese Academy of Sciences is depended on in smooth, machine, report the advantage on integrated and compositive ability is mixed the progress of relevant technology, craft, assumed the overall job of this project, pass with Shenyang automation place, medium electric group 11 substandard assist the powerful powerful combination of the unit, the course tackles key problem difficultly for years, the optical technology that broke through 3 smooth syncretic and outfit attune examine, the stability that inspect an axis and dog, remote horn of high accuracy laser dogs (apply successfully first for home) , TV and laser the technical difficult problem such as the automatic confluence of two kinds of mode, successful development went first airborne Shuang Moguang of our country report surveys a system.