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Trial fire of ground of weapon of beautiful high-energy laser is successful
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Laser of ▲ ATL system launchs effect plan.

The first interview of the high-energy laser weapon that American Boeing company had successfully a few days ago embarking by C-130H transport is shot. This the success is installation of the place on the plane " airborne tactics laser " (ATL) the system is ongoing the decisive milepost on the road of hair, future will carry out accurate blow to produce main effect in urban war.

First airborne ground trial fire is successful

According to American media coverage, this test-fire is to was in what the Ke Telan air base of the city undertakes new Mexico on May 13. President of department of system of Boeing missile defense holds general manager Fan Che concurrently to say: "The first face test-fire of the high-energy laser weapon on ATL plane shows this project is being obtained make progress continuously, the prospective opportunity for combat that installs this one system decides the lock that has high accuracy the capacity of the target, great reduce indirect casualties. Great reduce indirect casualties..

It is reported, ATL system is special type of American department of defense fights headquarters (SOCOM) aid financially, cost 200 million dollar " test and verify of advanced concept technology " (ACTD) the achievement of the project, direct research and development by the ministry of missile defense system of Boeing company. The main body of this system is high-energy " chemical oxygen - iodic laser " (COIL) laser.

Last year in December, the group that Boeing company heads passes the Losk Heed of beautiful air man that change one's costume or dress in - Martin C-130H " Hercules "

Laser of a high-energy COIL was installed on conveyor, the diameter rotates for 1.27 meters laser fort is extended from machine abdomen, the laser that can give out width to make an appointment with 10 centimeters bundle, ground target hits the target inside the tactical distance in 15 kilometers. Stimulate beam of light aim at dot and effect time to be able to be adjusted, because of this pair of targets destroy degree to also can be controlled. For example, the gasoline tank that aims at car can destroy a target thoroughly, and if be,be a target with tyre, can make only car cannot move to won't cause harm to the equipment inside the car and driver however.

Before this, high-energy COIL laser has stalked or branch the Davis of air base undertook Telande in advanced laser workshop 50 for many times the lab experiments, with test and verify its dependability. It is this install its C-130H transport to go up first, have ATL system trial fire as whole.

Will undertake ground target practice experiments be been opposite for nothing
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