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Production of module of laser diode communication tests a system
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Overview: As Internet gain ground quickly, the wide application of news report of network of Giga class bandwidth and ATM/Sonet, the ceaseless development of the relevant communication product such as general telephone manufacturing industry, the receives a system to making industry gradually main stream of the broadband high capacity that uses technology of WDM(Wavelength Division Multiplexed) develops a tendency. Use this kind to receive the foundation that the system is avoiding to repeat the communication line with new setup to go up, increase the transmission bandwidth of circuitry of existing and fiber-optic communication greatly.

The application of WDM technology makes the smooth signal of will different wavelengh is passed all the way fiber-optic undertake transmission becominged reality. Because this system asks volume is minor, power comsumption is low, because of this laser diode (Laser Diodes) had made the indispensable core component in this system. In WDM system, every other a paragraph of specific distance, smooth signal by mix into Erbium fiber-optic amplifier (EDFA: Enlarge of Erbium Doped Fiber Amplifiers) . Certain company, if bright message science and technology already developed this one technology further,make the system of Dense And Ultra-Dense WDM that has capacity of a Terabit.

Tell substantially, laser diode (LD) is in namely have the semiconductor glow parts of an apparatus that falling to the condition of voltaic drive. Its wavelengh from highest 1550nm(infra-red area) to lowermost 750nm() of green optical division, output power covers with tiles from a few fine long hair a few tile differ normally. Its job mode can be pulse (Pulse) also can be last (Continuous Wave) . Laser diode is very sensitive to temperature change---The temperature change of a few Celsius may bring about his " mode jumps change " (Modehopping) perhaps outputs smooth wavelengh rank jump.

Current, there is diode of two kinds of lasers in what use in great quantities in system of glossy news report: FP(Fabry-Perot) and DFB(Distributed Feedback) . The distinction of both basically is expressed what output smooth character now is different. FP laser can produce a bag to contain a certain number of planting the light of disperse wavelengh, and DFB laser gives out the light that has rated wavelengh. There is a reflex in DFB laser normally grading implement (Reflection Gratings) is used eliminate the other light-wave besides rated wavelengh.

Because WDM technology asks the smooth signal that has a variety of different wavelengh undertakes transmission at the same time, because this is in,nowadays all uses DFB laser in all WDM systems. And FP laser uses at correspondence of the sort of a fiber-optic access to send and receive mostly implement (the system of Transceiver) , be like Local Area Networds(LANs) , fiber To The Curb(FTTC) and Fiber To The Home(FTTH) .

Laser diode should be enclosed inside a module jointly at other component normally, such module includes diode of a laser normally (LD) , one is in a poor light diode (BD) , use the output smooth power of monitoring LD, controller of a temperature (TEC) , use maintain working temperature in 25, and a thermal resistor that uses temperature of the module that monitor (Thermistor) . With auspicious when
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